Computer Cats In Boulder, CO

Computer Cats is an IT company that is based out of Colorado, and our customers have been highly satisfied with our services. We offer the benefits of a full time IT department at an affordable price. In addition, we can provide computer support in Boulder on a one time basis.

Many IT companies are extremely large. As a result, the service you receive may not be personalized. We are a small business, and we always offer quality customer service to our clients. In addition, our technicians are available 24/7. Furthermore, some IT companies only offer a few IT services. However, we offer a wide range of services.

Some Examples Of Services That We Offer:

Setup Of Co-Location Hosting Servers:

If you’re starting a web hosting business, you’ll need to find skilled IT services in Boulder. While it’s possible to have different servers for each website that you host, this can be extremely costly. We can set up a server that allows you to have multiple websites on the same server. This is referred to as co-location hosting.

One way that we can do this is by setting up VPS hosting. VPS hosting uses virtual machines to separate the data for each website from the rest of the server’s system. VPS hosting is utilized by many well known hosting providers, such as these companies:

  • GoDaddy
  • Host Gator
  • Liquid Web

Some IT Services That We Offer:

Cyber-Security Services:

We can protect your business against a cyber-attack. We have extensive experience with protecting networks and individual devices against cyber-threats. Furthermore, we can come to your aid if your computer system gets infected with malware.

Implementation Of Exchange Email Servers:

If you want to offer web hosting clients the opportunity to create their own email service or need an email system for your company, it’s essential to have the right server for it. We can help you to select an exchange email server, and we can maintain it as well. In addition, we can implement cloud technology to ensure that emails sent to you or between employees during a power outage can be read.

VPN Setup:

Many business owners use VPNs to browse the internet more securely. In addition, VPNs are a marketable product that are offered by many businesses in the tech sector. We can help you to configure a VPN that’s perfect for your needs.

Reduction Of Spam:

We offer a powerful spam filtering service that can drastically reduce the amount of spam that your business gets.

How To Get In Touch With Us:

If you’re interested in our IT services in Boulder, you can give us a call at (719) 310-0880. In addition, you can send us an email at We also have an office at 3531 S Logan St. D-174 Englewood CO, 80113. You can receive remote computer support in Boulder through our website as well. Technicians are available every weekday from 8am to 5pm.