How Can Small Businesses Protect Against Cyber attacks?

As a small business owner, you spend your days seeking to protect and to grow your company. You want to care well for clients and customers, investors and employees, but you may not think to protect your people and your assets from the damaging effects of a cyber attack. Often overlooked by small business owners, this invisible threat poses a real risk to your organization. Computer Cats can help you to take proactive steps to protect against this type of threat!

Recognize the Risk
As a small business owner, you may think your company not large enough to be susceptible to a cyber attack. The opposite is true, as small businesses often have fewer safeguards in place, such as data security policies and up-to-date technologies. And, the rich data stores of a small business serves as a strong inducement for a cyber attack. Customer and client information can be highly valuable to cyber criminals!

Determine Vulnerable Areas
You may think that because you have traditional security features in place, such as antivirus software and firewalls, that you have all the protection you need. While these defenses are important, they cannot stop more advanced cyber attacks. Computer Cats can help you to determine your vulnerable areas. Even information as simple as the names of contacts can be used for criminal purposes!

Implement a Solution

You want to choose a solution that covers your vulnerable data and that does so as quickly as possible. Select one that allows you to protect against common attacks, those leveraged through email and web traffic, as well as uncommon ones. And choose security measures that can stop unknown attacks while still in process. We can help you to determine the best security solutions for your small business!

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