Computer Cats In Loveland, CO

Computer Cats is a small IT company owned by Andrew. F. The company is dedicated to providing perfect services to its clients. With a team of full time and pro-active computer technicians, Andrew ensures that solutions are offered with the required urgency.

Hard work and reliability have made the small company succeed and expand. It is currently offering IT Services in Loveland and many other regions. With almost all your company’s functions being operated by computers, a technical failure could cause you huge losses. All you need to do in such a case is get the following Loveland IT Services offered by Computer Cats:

The Perfect Networking Solutions

Computer Cats team has certified network engineers who are confident in tackling all network problems. Whether it is troubleshooting, getting your multiple PC workstations interconnected, network designing, email, or web server support, the team from Loveland IT Services has got you covered. They also support companies that operate on a wide complex network to create, develop, and maintain their servers.

VPS Hosting

If you have outgrown your hosting points or have multiple locations yet you are not ready to buy an outright server, Computer Cats provides that and other IT Services in Loveland. You can get its Virtual Private Servers (VPS) at a convenient price.

Cloud Consulting Services

You do not have to worry anymore if the power goes off or your system fails and you have an onsite mail server. This Loveland IT Services provider understands that spams are landing on our sites every time. Instead of your client receiving a spam mail telling them to look elsewhere, Computer Cats collects all your mails and delivers them when you are back online. They also assist in reducing spam by blocking spam messages for you and applying spam filters.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Systems

Computer Cats IT Services in Loveland also incorporate VoIP systems that allow you to deliver voice communication over the internet protocol instead of the normal Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN).

Email Security Services

Phishing, spoofing, and ransomware are the worst cyber threats that could enter your systems by email. The IT Services provided by this company include blocking these cyber threats while controlling your outgoing emails to ensure that they do not leak sensitive data. The team also offers support by verifying whether a mail is legitimate or not. They advise that you should not open any suspicious emails, especially ones with .exe or .bat.

Computer Repair

Andrew has a skilled team of technicians ready at your disposal in case you need any hardware device repaired. They work strategically; diagnosing the problem, repairing any identified problems, and offering maintenance and upgrade for your computer. You do not have to stop important activities due to a system breakdown.

Andrew is regarded as a man full of integrity and fairness. He makes it his personal initiative to ensure clients are urgently served, and with total fairness. Computer Cats want you to have more time to run your company, not to deal with system failures which they believe are their responsibility.