Why Are Cloud Backups A Good Idea For Small Businesses?

Small Businesses and Cloud Backups
When you think of ways to protect your business, you may think of taking out liability insurance or storing valuable paperwork or assets off site. One of the most vital ways to protect the assets of your company, though, is with cloud services. While you can backup electronic files by flash drive and external hard drive, cloud services, such as those offered by Computer Cats, help to provide a double layer of protection for small businesses through off-site storage and systematic backups.

The Value of Off-Site Storage
One way that cloud services protects your company is by facilitating the off-site—or cloud—storage of important documents. Just as you would store certain paper documents or other physical assets in a separate location from your business, establishing off-site storage for important electronic files helps to protect your company in the event of any physical property damage. Even a leaky pipe or a dropped drink can cause unforeseen complications when it comes to computer-based files!

The Importance of Systematic Backups
Cloud services also protect against user-error complications that can arise during the day-to-day running of a business. Even the most conscientious of small business owners and employees may find themselves forgetting to make sure that back ups have occurred with a flash drive or an external hard drive. Cloud services help by automating this process and then running in the background during your busy workday. So, you can take the urgent phone call or head to your next meeting knowing that your electronic documents are safe and secure!

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