Computer Cats in Aurora, CO

Anyone looking for IT services in Aurora should choose Computer Cats. We have worked with many types of businesses and have worked with businesses of all sizes. Here are some reasons why you should choose our Aurora IT services:

1. Our Service Is Personalized:

We are a small business, and this makes it possible for us to get to know all of our clients. Our clients have had positive things to say about our customer service.

2. Our Reviews:

There are many positive testimonials on our website, and you can find positive reviews on other websites. In fact, we’re rated at 5/5 stars on Yelp and Facebook.

3. 24/7 Services:

We have technicians that can provide remote support 24/7. Many cyber-attacks occur late at night.

What Aurora IT Services Do We Offer?

While we offer numerous IT services in Aurora, these are some examples of our services:

1. Repair, Set Up, And Maintenance Of Servers:

If your server crashes, your website is offline. This could ruin your business if it isn’t immediately repaired. We can repair your server anytime.

We also can maintain your server. We can set up servers that are designed to allow you or your web hosting clients to create an email system. If you’re running a web hosting business, Computer Cats can set up a co-location server. A co-location server makes it possible to host multiple websites using one server.

We are able to do this by setting up VPS hosting. VPS hosting involves using virtual machines to separate different parts of your system.

2. Get Your Network Evaluated:

Having your network evaluated can help to keep your computer system working properly in the future. If you act quickly enough, you might be able to get a network evaluation from us for free. We offer 5 free network evaluations every year. However, we always offer good prices on our network evaluations.

We Can Keep Your Data Safe:

Cyber attacks can cause serious damage to your business and its reputation, and they are becoming more common. We can help to keep your computer system secure and ensure that your data doesn’t fall into the hands of hackers.

In addition, we can ensure that your data remains safe from physical damage. We can back up your data using secure cloud technology. Computer Cats can implement cloud based email systems that allow you to receive email messages that were sent to you during a power outage.

We also can keep your data safe if you need to use public networks. We can help you to choose the right VPN service for your needs. In addition, we can configure a VPN for you.

How Can You Contact Us?

You can give us a call at 719-310-0880. It’s also possible to email us You also can stop by at our office at 3531 S Logan St. D-174 Englewood CO, 80113. We are open from 9-5 every Monday through Friday.