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If you’re looking for IT support in Colorado, Computer Cats is the company to choose. Even if you’re from outside of this area, you can receive remote support. We are available whenever you need us. Here are some examples of  our IT services and IT support that we offer:

​If you want to use our services for a specific issue, you can pay a one time fee for our services. However, you can also receive IT services in Denver or IT support in Colorado Springs continuously.

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What Sets Us Apart From Other IT Companies?

Computer Cats can assist you with just about any IT need that you have. Many companies that offer IT services in Denver or IT support in Colorado Springs only offer a handful of services. We offer all the benefits of having an IT department without the excessive cost. Also, our rates are affordable. 

Many IT companies mainly offer services that are aimed at fixing problems rather than preventing future problems. Computer Cats tries to prevent problems before they develop in addition to providing repair services.

We also can train your employees to become more technologically literate. Many other IT companies don’t offer this service.

We are experienced in the industry, and we offer high quality customer service. Many IT companies are large organizations, and it can be difficult to reach the person that you want to talk to. It’s easy to reach whoever you want to speak with because we’re a small local business. 

A Few Examples Of Services We Offer:

This list of services is not even close to all of the computer support we offer in Colorado that we can provide to our clients. These are just a few of our most popular IT services.

​Set Up Your Own Messaging Service With Exchange Email:

If you would like to set up an email server for your business or allow your clients to offer their own email services on their website, you’ll need to have a specialized server. We can help you to set one up. 

Cloud Consulting:

There are many advantages of using cloud technology. It can help you to store large amounts of data, save you money, and improve the quality of your services. Cloud storage is one of the best ways to back up your data in case your computer system malfunctions. 

However, it can be challenging to figure out how to implement it. We can give you advice about what cloud computing services are best for your needs, and we have a lot of experience with setting up cloud based services.

Improved Security:

Cyber-security is becoming increasingly important for business owners, and Computer Cats can patch potential exploits that could be used by an attacker. In addition to examining the security of your computers, we can take steps to ensure that your network is secure. We can help to improve the security of your email accounts as well.

In addition to making changes to your network and the architecture of your computers, we can provide you with advice on what antivirus and firewall software to choose. We also can train your employees on cyber-security. If your computer(s) have become infected with malware, we will work to mitigate the damage.

​Network Evaluations:

It’s possible to get a free network evaluation from us! If you went to another IT company, this could cost you 500 dollars or more. A network analysis can help you determine what areas of your network need to be modified. In addition, the analysis can help you to be able to anticipate technical issues that might arise in the future. We can only give away 5 free network evaluations. So, it’s important to act very quickly to take advantage of this offer. If we find anything wrong with your network, we will act quickly to fix it.

If you don’t receive the free network evaluation, the usual price of our network evaluations is affordable. Our network evaluations are more comprehensive than those offered by many other IT companies.

​Repair Of A Server That's Down:

If one of your servers is down, we can fix it anytime! Don’t wait to repair a server that has crashed. This could result in a loss of customers. If your server is down, call us right away at 719-310-0880 x1 for computer support Colorado Springs or wherever you’re located.

Spam Reduction:

Many business owners frequently find spam on their website or will end up finding it in the future. Spam can be posted on comments sections of blogs, forums of a business website, and spam messages can be sent directly to you or your employees. Spam can deter traffic to your website, and it can be so extensive that it’s difficult to find messages from prospective clients. Our spam filtering service can drastically reduce the amount of spam that you get. 

​Email Storage:

If you have a problem with your server or the electricity goes out, we can store any emails that were sent to you during that time. You’ll have access to them as soon as the power is restored or the server is brought back online. One way that we can do this is by setting up a cloud based email system.

​VoIP Systems (Wireless Calling):

There are many providers of VoIP systems for businesses, and it can be challenging to pick the right one. Computer Cats is knowledgeable about VoIP providers, and we can ensure that the system runs properly once it’s set up.

​VPS Hosting:

VPS hosting can be a great way to give customers the experience of having a dedicated server for their site while still being able host multiple websites on one server. VPS hosting uses virtual machines to do this. VPS hosting is used by many well known web hosting services, such as these:

  • Go Daddy
  • Host Gator
  • Liquid Web


Many businesses offer customers the ability to surf the internet through a VPN (virtual private network). In addition, many businesses go through a VPN to access the internet. A VPN can provide you and/or your customers with substantially increased security online. 

We can help you to choose the right VPN for your needs. There are many VPNs to choose from. We also can help you to configure your own virtual private network.

​Tech Tips Are Right On Our Website:

Our blog offers tech tips for business owners of all sizes. Here are some examples of topics that the blog covers:

  • Cyber-security
  • Backing up data
  • Cloud technology

New articles are posted on the blog regularly.

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What Have Our Clients Said About Our Services?

You can read reviews on our website, and you can also find many excellent reviews outside of the website. We are reviewed at 5/5 stars on Yelp.com, and we have a rating of 5/5 stars on our Facebook page. Here are some things that customers have written about us:

  • One reviewer said that our services are extremely dependable. She said that we come to her aid quickly whenever she calls about an emergency. In addition, she said that we don’t try to sell you products that you don’t need. We work with what you already own to solve the problem whenever we can.
  • Another reviewer said that we are very patient when we’re looking for a solution and always persist until the problem is completely solved. Also, she said that the cost of the services is significantly lower than what’s offered by other companies.
  • A reviewer on our Facebook page said that he feels we offer the best IT services in Colorado Springs, and he recommends us.

​What Are Our Hours?

We are open between 8 AM and 5 PM on Monday through Friday, and we are closed on Saturdays and Sundays. However, you can send us an email any time to receive IT services Denver or IT support Colorado Springs. However, we have computer support Colorado Springs technicians that can provide services 24/7.​

You can give us a call at (719) 310-0880 to receive computer support Colorado Springs or support for your business located in the area. You also can email us at info@computercats.net. If we are not available, we will be in touch with you quickly if you leave a message.