Computer Cats Guarantee

Computer Cats IT Services Guarantee

Server and Network Monitoring

Cloud Hosting

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Welcome to Computer Cats!

IT services

IT services

  • Share and secure your files
  • Communicate with your staff
  • Integrate everything
  • Work where you want to

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Network Monitoring


  • Faster resolution
  • Reporting on your network
  • We know before you do
  • Fewer problems

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Remote support


  • Quicker response
  • No trip fees
  • Support wherever you are
  • Personal Support

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Who we are

Computer Services
Computer Cats is a small business IT services and support firm providing technology support and consulting to Colorado Springs and Denver.

We have technicians on call and available
24/7 so that we can guarantee that we’ll keep your mission critical systems running.
Utilizing remote desktop tools, we are often able to assist users within minutes for helpdesk issues.
This multifaceted arrangement allows us to provide the benefits of a full-time IT department without the associated costs.

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Why choose us?

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We understand that you’re busy. The typical business owner doesn’t have time to play phone tag between vendors and sort out whose fault is where. With Computer Cats, we provide a single point of contact for all of your technical issues.

Whether the problem is with your internet service, your hardware, or an application you run, that is our job to sort out, not yours. Aside from the standard reactive services, we at Computer Cats pride ourselves on taking a proactive stance
on the technology used by your company. Whether it’s by providing better user training to improve productivity or by providing a plan for implementing new technologies into your workflow to simplify your life.

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Perfect results

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Our definition of perfect results is when you hear from us more than we hear from you.
When our conversations are about upgrades and improvements more than repairs and problems.
Before you see that something has gone wrong, we notify you that we’re fixing it.

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