Computer Cats in Thornton, CO

IT operations are very vital in enabling efficient business operations. IT allows employees to work quickly and efficiently to achieve business objectives. As such, business owners know and understand the benefits of investing in well-managed IT services. Are you a business looking to either embrace or upgrade your IT services? At Computer Cats, our mission is to handle your IT services professionally as you focus on business.

Thus think of Computer Cats as your outsourced IT department. We provide you with the current IT solutions for your business, strategically improve and protect your infrastructure, and perform daily routine maintenance to prevent your business from experiencing downtime. With us as your business partners, you can relax knowing that your IT services are in good hands. We take your IT functions personally and strive to keep your skilled IT personnel productive with right the tools needed to grow your business forward.

Managed IT Services

Is your business located in Thornton? Do you want IT solutions that will work for you to ensure system uptime and increase profitability? Our aim as Computer Cats is to work with you and help your business meet its objectives through our IT services in Thornton. Talk to us today! For a start, we will assess your business operations and recommend the best services that fit your IT budget. We have the infrastructure, skill, and expertise to design, implement, and monitor and maintain all your IT services. Even if you want to go for hourly managed IT services, Thornton IT services got you covered. Our technicians are ready to provide your business with services support 24/7. We offer the following Thornton IT services:

  • Computer Networking
  • Exchange E-mail
  • VPS hosting
  • Co-location hosting
  • E-mail security
  • VoIP systems
  • Cloud consulting
  • Cloud services

Supplement your Current In-house IT workers

Do you already have an existing internal IT department that handles most of your day-to-day IT issues? As managed IT services in Thornton, we are not out to replace them but to undoubtedly complement and enhance their work. We work together with our client’s IT in-house team to facilitate proper 24x7x365 system setup, implementation, monitoring, support, and maintenance. That way, you can rest assured that your business will thrive. If you feel your IT department is straining too much, we believe we are the perfect solution to lighten their workload. Get started today and contact us for a proposal. Even if you don’t have an internal IT department, our managed IT services will provide you with everything you need. Why stress yourself when we can handle all your IT functions?

Customized IT Budget

Imagine being able to budget your IT services finally? We assist you with assessing your IT requirements with regard to your business processes and then take you through implementation, support, and maintenance. Imagine how efficient your business operations can get with managed IT services? With time, you will save on costs and reduce downtime with a flat rate IT budget designed to work for your business. Contact us today as we deliver on our promises.