Is This You?

  • Struggling with Field Management & Communication? Juggling multiple projects and coordinating with field staff spread across different sites, wishing for a solution that brings everyone closer?
  • Concerned About Data Security? Holding onto critical project details, blueprints, and client data, and constantly anxious about breaches or data loss?
  • Wishing for an Early IT Support Start? Needing assistance first thing in the morning and tired of waiting for standard business hours to get the support you need?

At Computer Cats, we recognize these concerns faced by construction companies and offer specialized IT solutions that directly address them.

A Decade in the Trenches with Construction

Having partnered with construction companies for over a decade, our deep-rooted expertise is evident in every solution we offer. We've developed specialized techniques to help manage field technicians, streamlining operations both on-site and off.

Elevated Field Staff Communication

With our innovative solutions, communicating with your field staff has never been easier. Our tools are designed to bridge gaps, ensuring real-time communication, quick problem-solving, and immediate feedback from sites, making distances irrelevant.

Foundations Set in Expertise

Our team of IT specialists has hands-on experience partnering with construction companies, understanding the unique challenges and demands of your industry.

Stay Connected, On-Site and Off

Whether you're on a remote construction site or in the office, our solutions ensure seamless communication, collaboration, and access to critical project data.

Sized to Your Needs

From small construction businesses to major contractors, our technological solutions are designed to align with the scale and scope of your operations, ensuring a perfect fit.

Why Construction Companies Trust Computer Cats:

  • Industry Specific Solutions: Tools and solutions handpicked for construction requirements, from project management software integration to secure blueprint storage.
  • Real-Time Collaboration: Time is of the essence in construction. Our tools facilitate instant communication and collaboration between teams, irrespective of location.
  • Robust Data Security: Protecting your project bids, client details, and architectural plans with top-tier security measures.
  • Streamlined Operations: Integrating technology that boosts productivity, from inventory management to real-time project updates.
  • Early Bird Assistance: We kickstart our support at 7 am, ensuring you get the assistance you need when your day begins.

Elevate Your Construction Business with Premium IT Support

Gear up for an enhanced construction project experience with Computer Cats. Schedule a consultation and discover how technology can become your strongest tool.

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