Tailored IT Support for Chiropractors: Secure, Compliant, and Patient-Focused

Are you a chiropractic practice in Denver, Colorado Springs, or the Front Range?

Computer Cats is committed to ensuring your technology supports the holistic care you provide. We prioritize not just reliable IT solutions, but also adherence to HIPAA regulations, shielding your practice's integrity.

Distinctive features of our service:

  • Proudly achieved our HIPAA Seal of Compliance through Compliancy Group. When it comes to patient data security and compliance, we offer more than words; we provide assurance.
  • Expertise in supporting small to midsize chiropractic clinics with 5 to 50 workstations (and accommodating up to 100).
  • Appreciate the pivotal role of specialized chiropractic software and the daily reliance on technology for seamless patient care.
  • Ideally positioned within Denver, Colorado Springs, and the Front Range for optimum service.

Top Reasons Chiropractors Choose Computer Cats:

  1. HIPAA Compliance: Our Seal of Compliance ensures that our IT solutions consistently adhere to vital HIPAA standards.
  2. Undivided Attention: Channel your energy into holistic patient care, leaving the tech complexities to us.
  3. Operational Streamlining: If tech challenges impede your practice, it's time for an upgrade.
  4. Unwavering Security & Reliability: Secure patient data and consistent operations are foundational to our service.
  5. Maximizing Uptime: Recognizing that tech disruptions can affect patient appointments and trust.
  6. Dependable Data Assurance: Our robust backup systems ensure patient records are always on hand.
  7. Facilitating Remote Access: Empower your team with the capability to access patient data or collaborate, irrespective of location.
  8. Focused Staff Efficiency: Your staff should be aligning spines, not juggling tech issues.
  9. Ahead of the Curve: We emphasize proactive tech strategies over reactive patchwork.
  10. Clear Vision for Expansion: As you plan to grow, we outline the tech roadmap.
  11. Prioritizing ROI: Understand that streamlined tech solutions elevate patient care and bolster profitability.


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Keen to Optimize Your Chiropractic Practice with Compliant IT Support?

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Computer Cats: Bridging Chiropractic Care with Compliant Technological Mastery.