Office 365 for Business

Cloud computing is increasingly becoming famous in the corporate world. It offers businesses efficiency to perform and manage operations and allows them to access information, software, and infrastructure from anywhere at all times. Another benefit with cloud computing is the fact that it provides users with instant updates for subscribed services. Who doesn’t want such benefits for their business?

As such, many business organizations are opting for cloud solutions. Shifting to the cloud can be a huge choice for any business. If you are wondering how to go about cloud solutions for your business, make contact with us – we provide companies with cloud-based Office 365. We also offer the best IT service in Colorado including cloud consulting and other cloud-based solutions for businesses.

Office 365

Office 365 is cloud version of Microsoft Office. It comprises of a collection of software solutions accessed via the Internet for both home use and business. You can obtain the solution with a variety of devices including laptops, desktops, tablets, and phone applications. With an Internet connection, you start by creating an account, proceed by making a payment, after which you download the appropriate files and get to work. That’s it – no need for installation discs.

Is your business headquartered in Colorado? Have you decided that this could be the right step for your organization? Contact us and we’ll take it from there. We will help you with Office 365 setup in Colorado and even provide you with any other IT service in Colorado that you may require for your business.

Office 365 Features for Businesses

Deploying Office 365 setup for your business will provide more than software. Subscribing comes with free website hosting with applicable tools, storage capacity on SkyDrive, as well as Skype minutes monthly for landline phone calls. Additionally, you will get the following benefits:Work remotely – Office365 allows you to work from anywhere.

  • Work flexibility – Office365 provides storage, sync, and file sharing. Users can edit documents in real-time enabling access to up to date files.
  • Easy configuration and management. Guess who will do the job? That’s up to us; we’ll ensure your Office365 solution is up and running by providing you all the necessary support.
  • Teamwork – Office365 will allow your workers to work as team regardless of their location.
  • Work planner will provide you with a work management plan for your business.
  • Sway- an Office365 app that provides your workers with a platform to create attractive, collaborative web-based presentations, reports, training, and newsletters, right at the comfort of the device of your choice.
  • Up-to-date solutions – office365 is always offering users the latest update solutions.
  • Office365 is secured and for any kind of support, our experts are on call 24/7.

With all these goodies through Office365, why wait any longer? Call us or drop by and we’ll see to it that you reap all the benefits listed above with Office365. And if your business is in need of IT services in Colorado, we provide that too.