Hourly Managed IT Services for Businesses in Colorado

Wondering whether to pay for hourly for managed IT services for your business? Well, with the increase in distributed cyber-attacks like the recent global ransomware, it is crucial to ensure appropriately managed and well-monitored IT operations. If you are looking for managed or hourly IT support services for your business, then you have come to the right place.

At Computer Cats, we can offer and deliver hourly managed IT services as well as other IT services you may need – all tailor-made to suit your business and IT budget. Read till the end; we’ll define and compare both managed and hourly managed services that you can consider for your business.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services refer to IT support services outsourced to a third-party provider by an organization at a fee for a fixed duration of time – mostly an annual contract. You can think of managed services providers as your business partners – your IT infrastructure and support is under their responsibility if you select this arrangement. At Computer Cats, we can offer managed IT services for your business at competitive prices.

Hourly Managed IT Solutions

Hourly managed IT services approaches are similar to managed services except that they are based on a retainer payment for a fixed amount of working hours. If you decide to go for such an arrangement, you will need to approximate the amount of IT support servicing working hours you may need for your business. Then get in touch with us, for hourly managed service in Colorado. Our company will provide you such an excellent deal for hourly managed services.

Our Hourly Managed IT Solutions

We are the best hourly managed service in Colorado providers. We do things differently – we promise and fulfill our promises. You don’t need to pay outrageously high hourly rates for hourly managed services. Why don’t you give us a call and see what we mean? Our hourly managed services packages are specially designed to provide you peace and comfort when it comes to IT services support and management.

We commit ourselves to fulfill our end of the bargain. You will never find your business complaining about our services. We offer the best aspects of hourly IT services support, preventative maintenance, help desk support, system monitoring, data recovery services, consultancy, networking, systems security, name it – and bundle it up for you in a reasonable flat rate cost. Our flat rates are inclusive of software updates, security patches, virus protection, on-site support visits, and much more.

We have invested in modern infrastructure that can routinely monitor your IT workstations and servers and identify impending problems before they result in downtime. We have a team of highly skilled IT experts with just the right experience to handle IT operations design, implementation, management, monitoring, and recovery. You can never regret your decision to partner with us. Contact us today, get proactive and save time and money, as well as minimize IT risks with our hourly managed IT solutions package.