Computer Cats in Castle Rock, CO

If you’re looking for IT services in Castle Rock, you should choose Computer Cats. Here are some examples of IT services we offer:

  • Network evaluation
  • Repair of damaged computers
  • Setup of web hosting servers
  • Implementation of cloud technology
  • Updates
  • Setup of VoIP systems
  • Security

Why You Should Choose Us Over Other IT Companies:

Many other IT companies offer the same service to all of their clients. However, we make sure that the services you choose are suited to your specific needs. This is possible because we’re a small business. Our clients have been satisfied with the services we provide.

While you can read some experiences of clients on our website, our services are reviewed on other websites. In fact, we’re reviewed at 5/5 stars on Facebook and Yelp! We’re quite experienced in the industry as well.

Some IT services are only available during business hours. However, you can get remote support from our technicians 24/7. This is important because many cyber attacks occur late at night.

We continuously work to improve your computer system. Many other IT services in Castle Rock only seek to solve current problems.

More Detail About What’s Offered By Our Castle Rock IT Service:

You Can Become A Better Website Owner:

We can ensure that your server runs properly. We can make sure that you choose the right server for your needs. We can help you choose a server that makes it possible to set up an email system.

The Ability To Use Co-Location Hosting Server:

If you want to create multiple websites or start a web hosting business, we’ll make it possible to do it with one server! We use VPS hosting software for this.

Get Your Network Evaluated. You Might Even Be Able To Get One For Free!

A network evaluation can help you avoid future problems with your computer system. We offer 5 free network evaluations a year. However, they’re offered on a first come, first serve basis. So, it’s essential to act quickly to get one. If you don’t get a free network evaluation, our regular prices are affordable.

Protect Your Data:

We can protect your computer system from malware, and we can mitigate damage caused by any malware that’s already on your system. We also can give your employees the training they need to avoid malware and phishing attempts. Computer Cats can set up cloud storage for your data. This will protect your data if your computer system suffers physical damage or is irreparably damaged by malicious software. In addition, cloud storage can allow you to receive emails that are sent to your business when your computer system is down.

Contact Information:

You can get in touch with us to receive Castle Rock IT service at (719) 310-0880 or by emailing us at You also can stop by our office at 3531 S Logan St. D-174 Englewood CO, 80113.