Have you noticed how most businesses are currently co-locating their IT infrastructure off their location to a secure Data Centre? A co-locating hosting service is a hosting option that assists small business to enjoy the benefits of large IT farms. Large IT companies run their internet interface and host their servers. Through co-location, small enterprises can attain the same benefits.

What is Colocation?

Co-location hosting is simply the process of housing company devices and servers at a professional data center. Your firm relocates all the data to a reputable IT service provider in Colorado. This alternative is less costly compared to the amount a company would have to spend to own and run a data center.

Running your own data center and housing the growing firm can be a big factor determining the failure or success of your company. As the business grows so does the needs and demands. A meaningful assessment has to be conducted by any company that wants to consider retrofitting their own infrastructure. So which is beneficial? Is it better to own and run your data center or lease space at a data center from a reliable service provider like Computer Cats? To answer these questions, let’s examine some co-location benefits.

Reasons your firm should consider colocation

Small businesses keep growing, and this success doesn’t come easy, bearing in mind that every firm wants to be on top. The will to grow more has popularized co-location hosting services in a great way. Listed below are numerous reasons to consider co-location services as opposed to in-house hosting:

Management of risks

Hosting your data from the office increases your business risks. Most companies currently use data centers for disaster recovery. With co-location, it becomes very easy for a company to recover all its vita data whenever a major problem transpires at their main office.


Co-location facilities have been designed specially to help support even the high-end hardware. Would you like to know why growing companies choose co-location IT service in Colorado over in-house hosting? Third-party data centers always arrange cooling properties, top security, conditioned power, including other key facilities that help to keep your data safe. This entire infrastructure is expensive. Additionally, data centers have hired professionals whose primary role is to ensure your data is kept safe 24/7/365. Growing businesses will opt for such services.

Reliability and Redundancy

Power surges or downed power lines cause power outages. This can bring serious issues to your data. Data centers have power generators, internet access, air conditioning systems, routers, among other important things required to back up your systems and prevent downtime during short or prolonged power outages.


The company’s bandwidth needs increase when you use more complex applications, and so does the cost. Co-location allows your company to access all the needed bandwidth at a cheaper rate since you will be sharing the bandwidth expenses with fellow co-location users.

Co-location will free up your IT team and company resources letting you focus on other essential business areas. You will have peace of mind since you know that your data is safe and you can access onsite professionals when need be. For the best co-location IT service in Colorado, contact Computer Cats today!