Computer Cats In Colorado Springs, CO

Computer Cats is a small business that provides computer repair and IT services in Colorado Springs. It is owned by Andrew. F who has a full-time team of technicians ready to receive your call any time to get everything about your computer fixed – whether it is your hardware devices, internet or a software application.

The Colorado Springs IT Service team understands that with almost all your company’s activities been operated through computers, it’s costly to have a technical failure. Your company could make huge losses due to a system breakdown which could be swiftly solved by this Tech support in Colorado Springs.

Services Offered by Computer Cats
In today’s life where computers have become the core in all sectors, technical support has become crucial. Computer Cats IT support team offers services such as networking, VPS hosting, cloud consulting, managing servers, email security, co-location hosting, VoIP systems, computer repair and maintenance, exchange email, among others. Some of the services are discussed below.

Cloud Consulting
Spam filtering helps a little by reducing the number of spam messages you get. Computer Cats assist by blocking spam messages for you, but most importantly, by ensuring email continuity. Every day, companies with an onsite mail server lose potential customers when power goes off and a customer sends a mail. This is precisely because the clients get bounce-back mails directing them elsewhere. The IT services in Colorado Springs protect you from this by collecting all your mails and delivering them when you are back online.

VPS Hosting
Having multiple locations makes your accessibility difficult. Purchasing an outright server could also cost you a lot of money yet you want to make your server accessible from anywhere. This is where you need the Tech support in Colorado Springs to offer you their Virtual Private Servers (VPS).

Email Security
The technology support team also verifies whether a mail is legitimate or not. It advises clients not to open any suspicious email, especially one with .exe or .bat since they are possibly scams.

In case your company needs a wide complex network, Computer Cats will offer you the best solutions to help you create, advance, and maintain your servers and networks. They can also keep your multiple work stations constantly connected.

Manage Servers
Colorado Springs IT Service team from Computer Cats manage your server by ensuring it is working non-stop. Your server contains all your data and controls your entire network, and therefore, if it stops working, you will be greatly inconvenienced.

Computer Repair
Andrew F. has skilled technicians at your disposal whenever your computer breaks down. They diagnose the computer for any problems, repair the identified problems, offer maintenance, and also upgrade for your computer.

The business owner is a responsive man who ensures all clients are served fairly. Computer Cats is fully dedicated in offering you perfect results at a fair price. They provide solutions immediately you seek their help since they consider all cases as emergencies. You do not have to worry about the inconveniences accompanied by system breakdowns since they have you covered.