Top Reasons to Prioritize IT Disaster Recovery

Simple mistakes can cause costly business disasters. The damage a company suffers after an IT disaster can be too great to overcome. Fortunately, by getting an IT disaster recovery plan from Computer Cats, you will get the much-needed protection. Disaster Recovery in Colorado is a vital business need.

Can an IT disaster happen to the company easily? The combination of hardware failures, natural disaster, and human error make data loss a matter of when, and not if. A NFIB National Business poll showed that man-made disasters affect ten percent of the small companies. A staggering thirty percent have already been affected by natural disasters. For instance, a power outage can subject the entire business at risk. A study done by the Texas University showed that only 6% of the firms that suffer a disastrous loss survive, with 43% of them reopening and 51% closing within two years.

Because of these reasons and many others, we shall be discussing top reasons for all companies to prioritize IT disaster recovery service.

Human beings make mistakes

Although this is one of the hardest mistakes that a company can prevent and correct, making sure that the data is backed up regularly allows you to restore it to its original state. While people try to be perfect at work, a significant step in a procedure can easily be overlooked. Other times one can accidentally delete data or even enter the wrong details. Luckily, when you have efficient processes in place, including quality assurance programs, you will be sure you’re protected. Online backup solutions are equally critical.

Hardware and Machines can fail

While major strides have been made in technology reliance, it has not yet been perfected. You will have problems to address from time to time. It can be costly for your firm to eliminate every IT infrastructure failure, but it’s the only way to make sure hardware failure doesn’t interrupt service provision or lead to loss of data. You need to back up your data often, ideally with a highly secure and leading managed hosting provider. This eliminates the interruptions IT infrastructure failures cause.

Nature isn’t predictable

We all know what happens each time Mother Nature turns on us; it’s pretty unpredictable and disastrous. A company that lacks disaster recovery In Colorado will find it extremely hard to resume its operations when a major disaster strikes. An estimated 80 percent of organizations that go through a business interruption for over five days, without a disaster recovery plan, end up going out of business.

Clients require access 24/7

Today, any average consumer expects to access the information they need anytime. So, if your company is undergoing an infrastructure problem and its proving difficult to get the systems up and running on time, anxious customers may jump ship. You don’t want to lose your loyal customers to your competitors.

All businesses are susceptible to IT disasters, and the best way make sure that the company mitigates such interruptions is to get disaster recovery service from a reputable IT service provider like Computer Cats. Contact us today to get details on our disaster recovery services among others.