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Have one of our senior Computer Cats come out and give your network a full health check, and let you know about any issues you might have with your backups, security, or configuration.

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We offer 2 Free Hours to any business that needs our Expertise. If your network is down, or you're struggling with something we'll have a senior Computer Cat come out and give you the first 2 Hours Free. If we're able to fix it, fantastic! If the problem is more complicated than we can solve in 2 hours, we'll let you know and give you a flat price quote on what it's going to take to fix it.

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Just want to talk to someone who can answer all your questions? Schedule a call with our president and founder Andrew Falkenstein and play "Stump a Computer Cat"! If you can stump him, we'll send you a box of Computer Cats Swag!

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Has it been a while since we've had a TBR? Get your TBR scheduled today here:.

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