Jeremy Nebelsick – General Manager, Archdale Eyecare
We’ve been very happy with Computer Cats. They’re very responsive to our needs and issues, even when we don’t know that we need help. If they haven’t heard from us in a while, they’re always reaching out out to us, making sure everything is good. They look for ways to help us improve, not just maintain our current IT system.Everything is more efficient and things rarely break. When we do get an error message they are very quick to fix it. The fewer problems we have; the more effective we can be. We’ve never, since I’ve started, experienced any massive down-time such as the server going down. We’ve been able to minimize our printing net-way between offices; the connections have been very solid so we can successfully share information. It’s been very beneficial. Overall we’ve been very, very happy with Computer Cats.

Brad Foster - Owner, Foster Electric

“When I refer Andrew and Computer Cats, I tell people that he’s young, ambitious and is customer-conscious. He really takes care and thinks of the customer. My staff tells me all day that their offices are more efficient, and things rarely break as far as their IT is concerned. He also helped me personally with mobile technology. Andrew actually helped us implement the use of tablets out in the field. He definitely has brought our IT costs down, and he’s put together a better package that we like.”

Lynda Carmichael - Office Manager, Foster Electric

“Computer Cats is very dependable. Whenever we have any emergency they’re right on top of it. We’ve been using them three or four years now and they’re very knowledgeable, they stay on top of the industry so that they know the latest and greatest implementations, and software and hardware.
The really good thing about Andrew is that he saves us money by always looking for a solution with what we have, rather than having us go out and buying something new. Things rarely break, they just stay fixed. It’s amazing. Before Computer Cats, the IT system was always broken. We’ve gotten so spoiled now; they do a great job.
Updates are more efficient. In the past when we had an update, the companies that we had would come in and would take days and then it didn’t work right. With Computer Cats a lot of the time we don’t even know we had an update, because it is taking care of it in the background.
We have also saved a lot of money. When we compare how much we used to pay for IT services to what we’re paying for today, we’re paying a good deal less. A lot of this has to do with keeping the equipment up to date and running smoothly to avoid costly issues. This is a big time and money saver.
Computer Cats implements solutions that we didn’t even think about. Andrew monitors us remotely. He looks at the systems we have now and can tell when a system is coming up on being outdated. He’ll tell us we need to budget for replacing a piece of equipment. This helps us budget for the short-term and long-term. He has spoiled us rotten.”

Steve Hammers - CEO, Hammers Construction

“Andrew is very responsive, and extremely fair. I’m non-geek, so he takes the time to explain things. He helps me and my people get up and running when we have computer problems.
We’ve been extremely happy and pleased with Computer Cats. Andrew takes care of getting our data backed up so we are no longer stressed or worried about it. They stay on top of everything so that most problems just get fixed before we even know about it. Andrew is honest, professional, has integrity, and is a hard worker.
We saved a lot of money when we moved over to Computer Cats, and we have ongoing savings because we have fewer problems once he got us cleaned up. I always refer him with: “If you want a very good quality IT guy at the right price, call Andrew.”

Dave Hammers - Co-Owner, Hammers Construction

“Computer Cats is very competent. The best thing about Andrew, compared other IT guys, is he understands when you’re not competent in computers and he doesn’t look down his nose at you. The interaction I have with them has all been very, very positive. When the work is done, it works. They take the time to explain what I need to know.”

Deborah Clayton - Leadership Pikes Peak

I think Andrew is just a fantastic man, very personable and responsible; great representative of his organization, both professionally and informally. We’re not the most computer-savvy organization and he’s been available to help us with our questions and problems. When we have problems with our hardware, our laptops and other things I just call Andrew and he gets us back in production mode. There have been many times we’ve found out that we had a roundabout way of getting things done when Andrew comes in and set us up to do things easier. The Computer Cats team is proactive and just drops by to say, “How are things going, what can I do for you today?”

Joan Meke - Hazardous Waste Technologies

“Computer Cats always responded very quickly, which we are impressed by and happy with. We used another company before them, and it sometimes took that company eight to ten hours for them to just return our call.
Andrew is pleasant, professional, and very patient. My husband and computers don’t get along very well. Andrew has gotten him out of a lot of small jams which helped my husband out tremendously.
Andrew’s run into the same situation a hundred times and he knows exactly what to do. He has definitely saved us money. We asked him to update a few of our computers, and his charge is probably half of what we would have had to pay if we’d gone elsewhere. I’m glad we haven’t had to use him often, but when we have, he was always there.”

Paul Smith - CEO, EMF Corporation

Computer Cats saves us a lot of time and the value is well worth what we pay. They set up a system for us where we’re backed up which is really nice, plus I can worked remotely from anywhere. I travel quite a bit, and before I’d have to call the office and someone would have to get into my computer, look at it for me, and email it to me. Now I can just tap in directly, even with my iPad, anywhere in the country for files and folders that I need access to, which helps a lot. Computer Cats has made our business efficient because we have important information in folders on the server that we can find fairly quickly and easily. We have issues every once in a while but they respond quickly.
Andrew has helped my wife and my quality manager quite a bit with their computers.; he’s helped tweak them for their needs. Computer Cats is easy to work with; John and Andrew both are great guys. We’ve worked Computer Cats quite a bit, but they still respond quickly if something goes down or something happens.